About us

MEC Energietechnik GmbH, established in 2007 in Austria/Villach, is an affiliate company of Mengling Power Electronics in Dong Guan (China), a manufacturer of power related devices, such as industrial Battery Chargers, Power Supplies and Electronic Loads.
Production of inductive components, mold construction, metal stamping/forming and other related processes are all done in-house. This degree of self-sufficiency provides our electronic assembly lines with quality parts, on time.
Product designs by MEC are, therefore, turned into a real product fast - by our factory in China.

MEC was set up in Austria for the purpose of designing and distributing company-owned products in the European market, to provide OEM-manufacturing and to deliver direct services to our customers, here.
Prior to setting up in Europe, communication between our European customers and our factory in China was not always easy. Our local staff in Austria, well understanding the constraints and possibilities of our customers here, and of our colleagues in China, can serve as the link in-between, to the advantage of both sides. 

MEC has, for the past 25 years, been showing steadiness and continuity in the field of design and production, proven by the steady release of new products of advanced technology, distinct appearance and user-friendly features.

MEC stands for manufacturing Quality Products and responsible OEM-Production.


MEC-Energietechnik GmbH Energiestraße 3
9500 Villach

Tel: +43 4242 55100
Fax: +43 4242 5510011